A Tribute to Law Teachers

The Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) &Menon Institute of Legal Advocacy Training (MILAT) organized a law symposium and awards ceremony to honour distinguished law teachers, students and schools + Read more

Breach contract, compensate: Consequences of lock-in clause

A lock-in clause brings certainty in the licensing business regarding the intention of the parties about the time-frame within which they want to keep the deal. If the licensee is renting the place fo + Read more

Environment Protection and Human Rights: Indian Perspective

The protection and preservation of environment is integral to the culture and religion of most human communities; nature is seen as an essential part of the society at large. Good + Read more

Negotiation: Shifting Realities and the Way Ahead

NEGOTIATION is central to our existence; we negotiate every day, with our family, friends and also with ourselves. The idea behind good negotiation comes with a sense of premonition + Read more

Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage as a Ground for Divorce: A Socio-Legal Perspective

The dictionary meaning of Irretrievable is impossible to recover or recoup or overcome. "Irretrievable Marriage Breakdown" is when there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation; that no matter wha + Read more

Delhi High Court

Authorisation of parallel imports as held by the Division Bench of Delhi High Court in the recent judgement of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. v. Champion Computers has begun the process of + Read more

Understanding Debt Financing

A company resorts to various sources to borrow money or issues bonds to raise money for financing its functioning. Debt financing is one of the long term financing instruments of a company. A firm can + Read more
June - 2015
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